Cafe Delish is no doubt Mukono’s delight, but…

The charming and warm ambience of Cafe Delish at Nobel Plaza in Mukono along Kampala road will temporarily lead you into a secluded delightful dining world, away from all the noisy traffic and dusty road.

Customer care is top notch with the waitresses and waiters seemingly knowledgeable about their extensive menu that ranges from local foods (only available on weekdays) to curries, fish, wraps, smoothies, burgers, name it.

The prices are on the high end, but the food is worthwhile if only the chef(s) could cut down on the salting. For the wet fry half fish (you can buy full fish at Shs 36,000 or half fish at 26,000) and rice, it first appeared to be a salting mistake. Then for the chicken wrap, it seemed just a salting coincidence but when the vegetable gravy also came equally salty, it was more than a salting coincidence.

Even the garnishing tomato slice on top of the raw cabbage is unnecessarily over-salted. Could be that they want to make you more thirsty so as to take their drinks priced at Shs 2,000 for water and soda or the quenching Shs 15,000 cocktail juice? Surely not!

Ignore the salting, and the food is some of the most delicious you can ever have in Mukono or anywhere else. The carrots, green peppers, and fresh beans give off a veggie and fruity taste base. The long-grain basmati rice is so well done that it can be eaten even without sauce. For the half fish, you have to choose the head side or tail side. I was looking forward to the crunchy gills but sadly here they are removed.

The wrap is unusually white and well-filled with chicken pellets and will melt away in your mouth as you munch on it. As for the cocktail juice, the orange-laced ice cubes make it so addictive, making you want more.

Source: The Observer

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