Unilever launches new Royco all-in-one carry and Mchuzi

Unilever launches new Royco all-in-one carry and Mchuzi

Managing Director, Unilever Uganda Mrs Joan Menya (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA —With over 30 years of turning ordinary meals into delicacies in Uganda, Royco, East Africa’s favourite seasoning, is adding more spice to cooking with their latest innovation, the new Royco All-In-One Mix.

“The new Royco All-In-One Mix is the perfect blend of fine Curry and Mchuzi in one pack, giving a superior flavour to your Katogo like no other separate mix can,” Ms Joanita Menya, Managing Director, Unilever Uganda Limited said during the product’s launch at Motiv in Kampala.

Royco’s success story boils down to constantly staying in touch with the wants and needs of its consumers and the new All-In-One Mix is a result of the need for the perfect combination of Curry and Mchuzi to ensure superior and consistent flavour in meals. The new product is good value for money as it delivers the power of two products (Curry and Mchuzi) in one pack.

“For generations, Royco has been the preferred seasoning in our homes. With the high cost of living and prices of commodities skyrocketing, we thought it best to deliver a two-in-one product that is not only packaged with healthy ingredients but is also pocket friendly because you get both Curry and Mchuzi with the purchase of just one product,” she added.

Royco All-In-One Mix was developed with the choicest of natural herbs and spices; and unique technology that allows superior fusion and release of flavours.
“With just one product, you can prepare richer and fuller stews and our uniquely Ugandan delicacy of katogo,” Menya said.

Katogo, a dish made with matooke and a choice of either beef, offals, beans or g-nut paste is a much-loved Ugandan staple especially for breakfast. The new Royco All-In-One Mix is the perfect seasoning to elevate the meal.
Royco launched the campaign with a teaser phase that went viral online with Ugandans celebrating the delicacy and calling for a “National Katogo Day”. At the launch it was revealed that Royco-All-In-One mix is what one needs for the tastiest katogo.

“Royco All-In- One Mix launches at a time holiday festivities are just beginning. Food is the biggest part of our festivities. It is what brings us together. Our new Curry and Mchuzi mix will add flavour to the meals, making the occasions even more memorable,” Menya added.

As part of the launch campaign, on Thursday, Royco hosted over 300 ladies who prepare food in markets from across the country for an immersion experience, to sensitise them on the new product and reward them for supporting the brand.
“These ladies who are reputed for preparing tasty meals in markets across the country gave Royco All-In-One Mix an early stamp of approval. They are converted to using our perfect blend of Curry and Mchuzi for their katogo and we are sure the new flavour will be the favourite seasoning in homes all around the country very soon,” said Hilda Aguti, Nutrition Brand and Marketing Manager.

Aguti added that as a way of celebrating our uniquely Ugandan katogo delicacy, which now has fuller flavour thanks the new Royco-All-In-Mix, Royco is rolling out a katogo hour this launch week where they will be giving out discounted or free katogo in various markets, arcades, restaurants and malls.

The new Royco All-One Mix is an addition to already existing Royco Mchuzi Mix and Royco Cubes that come in beef and chicken flavours.

Royco All-In-One Mix is now available in supermarkets and shops countrywide. It comes in 7gm sachets and 200gm jars. The recommended retail price for two sachets is Shs500 while the jars cost Shs6500.

Source: PML Daily

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