These Christmas films will come in handy this holiday

When I was young, Christmas movies were my best part of December. They always found a way of instilling the Christmas spirit in me.

But have you noticed that most lists of the best Christmas movies are saturated with films that came out before most of you were born? Each year gives us a new set of Christmas movies. And yet, moviegoers are still obsessed with fossils like It’s A Wonderful Life.

This time, I will highlight some of the newer releases in the genre; movies that came out within the last ten or so years. Klaus from 2019 is probably the best of the lot. The animated film has a lot working in its favour. First of all, the story is compelling. The protagonist, Jesper, is the Royal Postmaster General’s spoiled son.

Jesper is sent to a fictional town and tasked with delivering 6000 letters, a mission that brings him to Klaus, an enigmatic toymaker. Secondly, the animation is spectacular. Sergio Pablos (Director) delivers a visual feast. If you have not figured it out yet, Klaus chronicles the origins of Santa Claus. The animated masterpiece is severely underrated.

Unlike Klaus, Noelle (2019) feels somewhat clichéd. In the movie, Santa Claus leaves the Christmas business to his children. Even though Santa’s crown is typically passed down from father to son, Nick has no interest in becoming Santa Claus. Fortunately, his sister Noelle has an unrivaled enthusiasm for Christmas.

Noelle works because of Anna Kendrick’s sincerity. Her joy radiates off the screen, infecting viewers with the heroine’s Christmas spirit and compensating for the film’s weaknesses.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is not a conventional Christmas film. In fact, this Finnish action horror comedy from 2010 has more in common with Halloween than Christmas. The protagonists, a young boy and his friend, discover the tomb of Santa Claus.

Yes, you read that right: the tomb of Santa Claus. But unlike the cheerful figure from popular legends, this Santa Claus is an evil entity with nefarious intentions. Don’t allow that eerie description to scare you away.

At the core of this film is a captivating and surprisingly emotional story about a father and his child as they attempt to survive the holidays. Admittedly, this is an unusual pick. But if you have had your fill of traditional Christmas films, you should shake things up with Rare Exports.

If you are searching for a familiar tale that adopts the tropes of conventional Christmas movies, Arthur Christmas from 2011 will scratch your itch. The film pits Arthur, Santa’s youngest son and the black sheep of the family, against his older brother, whose high- tech delivery system threatens to ruin Christmas for one soul. The cast includes an elf, some reindeer, and a former Santa.

This animated film has enough fun, adventure, and whimsy to entertain children and adults. I did not get as much joy out of The Christmas Chronicles (2018) as most people, but only because, as an adult, I don’t naturally gravitate toward Christmas movies. But if you love this genre, The Christmas Chronicles will tick all the right boxes.

You have somewhat engaging protagonists in a pair of siblings that take Santa’s sleigh for a joyride, a Santa Claus played by the highly charismatic Kurt Russell, and a cheesy but compelling mission to save Christmas.

I am hesitant to recommend Krampus, because most of you don’t understand the rationale behind watching a horror film where an evil creature stalks a family during this time of the year.

So, I will instead suggest The Grinch from 2018, the third adaptation of the Dr Seuss Christmas novel. These six titles should keep you sufficiently occupied during the holiday season.

Source: The Observer

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