Rwandan confesses to killing bro with hammer over piggy bank in Lubaga

John Ayagamba, a Rwandan national has allegedly confessed to murdering his elder brother, Riky Kabagambe.

Ayagamba was arrested alongside 15 other suspects after Kabagambe’s lifeless body was earlier found last week in a pool of blood at Kinonya zone, Masanafu parish, Lubaga division, Kampala. Homicide detectives now claim that Ayagamba and his four other colleagues have confessed to smashing Kabagambe’s head using a hammer following a disagreement over the money they’d saved in their piggy bank.

When the scene of crime officers visited the scene, they found a hammer near the victim’s head and an empty box that is believed to have contained the money. Ayagamba was arrested on a tip-off by residents of Masanafu who sighted him around his brother’s premises on a fateful morning, and also when police was conducting investigations.

“During the investigation, the police received information that the brother of the deceased had been spotted in nearby houses – 400m away from the crime scene. The police raided the location and arrested 15 suspects, including Ayagamba John the brother of the deceased, and Mwerinde Bright, who was found with, suspected blood stains on their clothing,” detectives said.

Other than Ayagamba and Mwerinde, the two other suspects who were allegedly found with blood stains are Samson Tumwebaze and Silver Tumusime. Detectives say Tumwebaze had blood stains on his shoes while Tumusime had a blood-stained jacket.

Luke Owoyesigyire, deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, confirmed the arrest of Kabagambe’s brother and other suspects. He added that the exhibits with blood stains like Tumwebaze’s shoes and Tumusime’s jacket as well as the hammer have been submitted to the directorate of forensic sciences for DNA testing.

“The police also found suspected blood stains on the front porch of the suspects’ residence. The recovered exhibits, including blood samples, bloodstained clothing, shoes, and the suspected murder weapon (hammer), will have been submitted for forensic analysis,” Owoyesigyire said.

Area residents say Kabagambe and Ayagamba would often have some misunderstandings. Kitimbo adds that even when they had screams early in the morning, they thought these were the usual fights. 

However, they got shocked when they peeped inside the house and saw Kabagambe’s body in a pool of blood while his brother had since fled the scene.

Source: The Observer

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