Rozaho: Fine dining at its best

The starter looks like the classic Italian bruschetta appetizer, only briefer in size.

But the fulsome, tangy toppings of fresh tomatoes, garlic, green bell peppers, and onions slathered with cheese radiate off a rich crunch.

Mayonnaise and soy sauce are smudged on the side with tiny tomato clippings expertly plated on the sides in a cross form.

Complicated? Yes, that is how exclusive Rozaho restaurant can be. It is a premium restaurant located in Kololo and appeals to a certain calibre of fine diners. Reservation is a requirement, but if you have not made one, you get sent to the communal upstairs sitting section, which also holds its own reservation section.

The menu booklet may appear simple but the final delivery is far from simple. Take the tilapia fillet and cassava option. You might be expecting the usual rectangular-shaped fillets and cassava chips. The au gratin half-crusted cheesed boiled cassava comes in local cursory katogo-like pellets – all glued together.

The boneless fillet also comes oozing with appealing cheese with a tasty crust that tastes even better with the mayonnaise served on the side, together with the fresh vegetable salads.

It is fine dining at its best that the Shs 30,000 pricing even appears to be too little on the part of the diner. Fine diners are not expected to eat till they drop, especially for supper; so, expect portions that are just enough for you to savour the culinary and gastronomical skills of the chefs rather than fill up your stomach to the brim.

Source: The Observer

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