Pharmacist accused of stealing Shs 1.5bn worth of medical supplies hands self to police

Robert Akena’s NDA licence

Robert Akena, a pharmacist who is accused of stealing medical supplies worth Shs 1.5 billion from Kitgum General hospital has surrendered to the police. 

Kitgum resident district commissioner (RDC) Jimmy Segawa Ebil says that Akena handed himself to Kitgum central police station on Tuesday. Last month, officials from the National Drug Authority (NDA) confiscated government drugs and medical supplies worth over Shs 700 million from Akfranc Medicines, a private drug shop in Kitgum municipality belonging to Akena, who is a pharmacy technician from Kitgum hospital. 

NDA also confiscated more supplies from Unyama trading centre in Gulu city, following a tip-off that Akena had another clinic there.  Akena however fled and had been on the run. Ebil said the security personnel kept picking up many intelligence reports about where Akena was hiding and mounted pressure on him until he surrendered.

Some of the medical supplies recovered during the operation included an oxygen concentrator and its accessories, kidney cups, a portable autoclave, a digital baby scale, an instrument trolley donated by USAID, drip stands, a bone operation set, six surgical trays, and two digital thermometers, among others.

Kitgum district police commander (DPC) Mandur Suwed said that they are still carrying out investigations and divulging the information would jeopardize investigations. Illegal possession of government stores is contrary to section 316 of the Penal Code Act.


Source: The Observer

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