NSSF targets 50 merchants from various sectors in Smart Card loyalty programme

NSSF targets 50 merchants from various sectors in Smart Card loyalty programme

The Fund officially unveiled its Loyalty program which is one of the three main features of the card (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA – The National Social Security Fund (NSSF), in partnership with various companies, has officially unveiled a loyalty programme where their members can access discounts on selected goods and services through the NSSF smart card.

The initiative is one of the major features of the NSSF Smart card, a three-in-one social security card that embeds NSSF functionality and bank functionality in addition to the Loyalty program. This is in partnership with Visa, a global payments technology company, and Centenary Bank.

Speaking at the launch of the program, the NSSF Ag. Managing Director Patrick Ayota said that the initiative was informed by Fund’s desire to be more relevant in the members.

“A 2019 Post-Retirement survey we did showed that 60% of the benefits paid out to members had been allocated to house improvement/ construction and land. We therefore wanted to create more value for members by giving them an opportunity to acquire desirable assets at a subsidized rate before they retired, so that they can invest their retirement savings in more profitable ventures.,” Ayota said, adding, “It is an opportunity for our members to save money on desired purchases by getting cheaper but quality options from our partners.”

He said that the Loyalty program was also an opportunity for the Fund to grow its membership.

“Since the launch of the smart card six months ago, we have about 10,000 applications for the smart card with active usage standing at 60.7%. In addition, the Loyalty Program has been the major driver of these enrollments which is a clear indication that the programme has the potential to attract new members to the Fund through the various discounted offers from our partners,” Ayota said.

There are currently nine merchants enlisted on the loyalty program from the real estate, construction, technology and hospitality industries.

These include Uganda Clays and Uganda Baati in the construction sector, Appliance World and Elite Digital solutions in the technology industry, Fakhruddin Properties Limited, Universal multipurpose Enterprise limited, Buildnet Construction Materials and Hardware Limited, Emerald Consult and Estates Developer, Trinity Trusted Estates developers and Bakhaima Investments Limited in the real estate sector.

The loyalty programme targets at least 50 merchants from various sectors.

To join the NSSF Loyalty Programme, one has to first enroll for the NSSF Smart Card at the Workers House and Centenary Bank branches countrywide. A member can thereafter present their valid NSSF smart card to the participating merchants under this program at any of their selling locations to purchase discounted products or services.

“We have started working on a system where the product discounts will automatically be activated when the smart card is swiped at any merchants’ point of sell machine for easier transactions,” Ayota explained.

Source: PML Daily

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