Merry Christmas to you all

This Sunday, we are celebrating the birthday of our savior Jesus Christ.

Even those who are not Christian, it is a time traditionally spent with family and friends. Christmas, among other things, means forgetting self and coming to the aid of those who are hapless, dispossessed and the sick.

It means leaving our comfort as Jesus did to visit those who need help and who need to hear a message of peace and hope and cheer. This is the time when businesspersons should be planning not how to share their profits but how to give that bounty to the have-nots.

This year’s Christmas has come at such a time when things appear to be upside down. As we neutralized the Covid-19 pandemic, Ebola erupted but thanks to the vigilance of Ugandans and the medical teams, this disease too seems to have been neutralized.

Schools were abruptly closed, and this has already set the country many steps backwards. This day means reviving the heart of giving to the needy. We are all needy in many circumstances. Not necessarily financial. So, those who have something to give, this is the time to play a present-day good Samaritan by providing gifts of food and love.

Many people are doing their best not to look backwards at this difficult year which is about to end. We advise that you should not lower your guard against Covid and Ebola. Practice the precautions that have been advised by the ministry of Health.

The Observer would like to wish all our esteemed readers and advertiser a merry Christmas and happy festivities. We cannot thank you enough for the support, advice, and love. For those we have wronged inadvertently during the course of this year, we say sorry.

May this Christmas and spirit of love ushered in by the birth of Jesus help the healing of those wounds. We urge that you invite God in all the decisions. May He provide the daily guide during this festive period.

Merry Christmas. Stay well. Stay safe.

Source: The Observer

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