Don’t bring these to 2023…

This year must have been the fastest in history. I just did not see it zoom by, and I have heard others complain about it too. Regardless, we move.

As we step from 2022 into a new year, don’t just make another set of resolutions you have no power to keep or fulfill. How about concentrating on a few you can actually do something about?


In so many churches here and internationally, some pastors have transformed themselves from teachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to celebrity motivational speakers; people who come to the pulpit and don’t touch the Bible once or heed the Holy Spirit, but launch into a monologue that leaves bodies in the congregation excited, without impacting any souls. Please go back to the Bible in the New Year.


In the New year, would we all stick to our lanes? Be it in ministry at church, home, or office, could we just take the roles given to us seriously, instead of causing confusion in other people’s lanes while our own remain neglected?


Jesus Christ said, come as you are. There are so many holier-than-thou people populating the church, expecting everyone to meet their own standards of fashion, style, uprightness, dedication, etc.

I pray that next year we all learn to let God’s people work out their own salvation in truth and trembling, as the Bible says. Don’t kneel on someone’s neck for wearing a nose pin, choosing dreadlocks, showing ‘too much skin and so forth; let God’s people breathe.

Just pray for them. Most of these things, we all work them out along the way as God’s grace suffices. The Bible says in Proverbs 24:16, “For a righteous man will fall seven times, and rise again: but the ungodly shall be without strength in troubles.”

In the New Year, could we commit to recognise one another’s ‘falls’ and stumbles and instead of being judgmental, help one another back up to resume the salvation journey?


Pentecostal pastors have really fought one another these last three years! I pray that all the petty ruckus of who has the fanciest broadcast station, who has the president’s ear, who has the bigger car, who has a better church, stays in 2022. Let us focus. The devil is gaining ground as he successfully diverts our attention to silly squabbles.


Above all, may we be more prayerful in 2023. May our prayer lives resurrect and have impact one more time, for those that had been silenced.

This year, according to multiple prophecy, was supposed to usher a great revival into Uganda. Are you as perplexed as I am?

May we win all our battles on our knees, and not miss what the Lord has in store for us next year. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, God’s people.

Source: The Observer

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