Cricket: Aweko soars with Victoria Pearls in 2022

Victoria Pearls

For Ugandan cricket, there has probably never been a better time, to enjoy the holidays.

Both the men and women’s national teams, the Cricket Cranes and Victoria Pearls respectively are coming off test tournament victories. Last week, the men won the East Africa T20 Cup in Rwanda, while the women won the Kenya women’s T20 international, that was graced by Tanzania and Qatar too.

It was the second piece of silverware, the Victoria Pearls were picking up this year under the leadership of Consy Aweko. Aweko, who was appointed cap- tain of the Victoria Pearls in April has not only proved her distinction as a leader. But a character, that has galvanized the unit.

Aweko, a specialist spin-bowler has been with the Victoria Pearls since 2008, as a 17-year old with that infectious smile. At 31, she still has the buoyancy about cricket like she was many years ago. Yet, more importantly, she is a warm and receptive individual, always untiring giving out interviews.

It is that same de- meanour she radiates towards her team-mates, and perhaps the main reason the Victoria Pearls is pulling together. Team batter, Kevin Awino, who is also her predecessor said: “You will not find many nicer human beings than Aweko. Her competitiveness, is also coupled by her motherly nature.”

Such has coincided with the team’s improvement. Uganda is now globally ranked 21 in T20 cricket. And Aweko has been instrumental in this. In 26 internationals of her captaincy this year, Uganda has won 15 and lost 11. During that period, she has picked 42 wickets.

Aweko said, that representing her country is a privilege, yet to be a team leader, is an honour. But she also knows, that for the Victoria Pearls, to climb up the world rankings, hard work and great team bonding is important, and that is her mantra of leadership.

Source: The Observer

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