Avatar 2 is another James Cameron success

Avatar: The Way Of Water just crossed the $1bn mark. It made a whopping $1.1bn in fourteen days.

Though I don’t think the movie will hit its predecessor’s final tally ($2.93bn). Avatar (2009) made $77m on its opening weekend, which does not sound particularly impressive. But it maintained that modest performance week after week until it became the biggest film in Hollywood history.

Considering how much money the sequel has made in two weeks, it would not shock me if it became James Cameron’s third $2bn film behind Avatar (2009) and Titanic. People are calling Avatar: The Way of Water the most breathtaking cinematic experience of their lives, and for good reason.

James Cameron pressed all the right buttons, making them ooh and aah, laugh and cry, all within a surprisingly breezy three hours and ten minutes. The best movies should take you through a rollercoaster of emotions.

Film snobs tend to overthink these things. You have probably heard them dismiss this sequel as “Avatar 1 but with water,” “Ferngully in Space,” “Pocahontas with blue aliens,” and all the other flippant statements designed to put their supposed intellect on full display.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but these individuals took things a step further by proudly expressing their desire to see The Way of Water fail. They were salivating at the possibility of a James Cameron flop, which makes you wonder what they would gain.

These people actually think their taste in film is the gold standard, and the masses who enjoy movies like The Way of Water are inferior. Have you ever come across a more arrogant crowd?

This is why I love the success The Way of Water has enjoyed thus far at the box office. And you know those numbers will continue to surge because everyone that loves this movie can’t wait to watch it a few more times. This is what I mean when I say that some people overthink these things.

Let’s say some of you are right. Let us accept the possibility that Avatar 2 is just a retelling of all those classic films some of you love. So what? Who cares? Did you have a good time watching it? If the answer is a resounding yes, nothing else matters.

I probably sound like another James Cameron fanboy trying to defend a movie I love against the few spurts of criticism it has attracted. But here’s the thing; I actually have nothing good to say about The Way of Water. Was I bored? No. Those three hours flew by.

At no point did I experience that restlessness you normally feel when an overly long film starts to drag. And the visuals are astounding. This is the best CGI you have ever seen. In fact, I urge you to watch The Way of Water in the cinema because you need a large screen to appreciate Cameron’s genius fully.

That said, the story did nothing for me. The highest rating I can give The Way of Water is a paltry 3/10. I was thoroughly underwhelmed. But that does not mean I am bitter about James Cameron’s success. I can dislike his film while simultaneously celebrating the fact that other people had a great time.

I don’t need the movies I hate to fail to feel like my opinions are valid. As fans of the film industry, we need to approach these discussions with more maturity.


Source: The Observer

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