Give Apple TV+ their flowers

Netflix is still the king of streaming. The platform has 269 million subscribers.

Amazon Prime Video sits comfortably in second place with 200 million subscribers, although you have to take their numbers with a grain of salt because people get Amazon’s streaming platform automatically when they sign up for the company’s delivery service.

Apple TV+ ranks at a disappointing 8th place (25 million subscribers) behind the likes of Peacock, Hulu, and even Paramount+. Online conversations reflect those numbers. Most discussions with your friends and family revolve around Netflix, Amazon, and Disney shows, which is a shame because Apple TV+ is actually the best of the bunch.

That claim sounds ridiculous. After all, Amazon will dominate the internet in a few weeks when The Boys finally airs. Keep in mind that Disney’s The Acolyte and WB’s House of the Dragon are just around the corner as well. I suppose Apple TV+ fails in that arena. It does not produce the sort of overwhelmingly popular programs people associate with other streaming services.

That said, other streaming services tend to prioritize quantity over quality (particularly Netflix). For every Stranger Things, Netflix has a thousand other shows you have never heard of because they suck. Apple TV+ is beginning to make waves because of its consistency.

The platform’s objective is to deliver a small selection of high-quality shows and movies. They want to guarantee every viewer who opens their app, a great time.

Ted Lasso is, in my opinion, the best show of the last five years. Jason Sudeikis plays a ridiculously cheerful American Football coach who goes to England to head a soccer team, even though he knows next to nothing about the game.

Ted Lasso is sweet and heartwarming without being too sappy and clichéd. The bright and inspirational tone is a breath of fresh air in an entertainment landscape that is seemingly obsessed with dark and dreary storytelling.

Speaking of dark and dreary, Silo is a sci-fi drama from the creator of Justified (The best Western TV show ever) in which the survivors of an apocalyptic event are forced to co-exist in an underground bunker housing thousands of citizens.

Tensions erupt when certain individuals begin to question whether the higher-ups are telling the truth about life outside the Silo. While that premise is not exactly original, the show succeeds because it plays out as a detective show.

Our protagonist is a law enforcement officer fighting to keep the peace between the silo’s various forces while attempting to solve the mystery behind her husband’s death. But if you want originality, look no further than Foundation, which began its life as a series of supposedly unfilmable Isaac Asimov novels. But then David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman came along and did the impossible.

The sci-fi masterpiece takes viewers to a bizarre future in which a math professor and his followers are forced into exile because he predicted the coming destruction of the galactic empire.

The Morning Show does not get nearly as much love as it deserves. This show launched at the height of the #MeToo movement and it follows the drama that unfolds behind a morning news program when an anchor is accused of sexual misconduct.

You will be hard-pressed to find a viewer who was not impressed by the show’s deft touch, and that includes individuals who routinely criticize the #MeToo movement.

Some have hailed Shrinking as Harrison Ford’s best performance to date. He plays an aging therapist struggling to keep a younger colleague (played by Jason Segel) in check. Viewers have also suggested that Shrinking might be superior to Ted Lasso, which is blasphemy, but the claim speaks volumes about the high-quality storytelling driving the show.

I have not even mentioned Severence with Adam Scott, Servant (Produced by M. Night Shyamalan), or Black Bird (starring Taron Egerton. If you typically avoid all things Apple, give their streaming platform a shot. They have no equal.

Source: The Observer

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