Equity Bank Uganda honored for promoting financial inclusion, education

Equity Bank Uganda honored for promoting financial inclusion, education

EBUL Executive Director Elizabeth Mwerinde signs the Financial Literacy Strategic Plan, marking its official launch. Looking on is Mr. Ogwapus Moses, Commissioner Ministry of Finance

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Equity Bank Uganda has been recognized and awarded by the Uganda Financial Literacy Association (UFLA) for its outstanding contributions to promoting financial education and inclusion.

The award was presented at the UFLA’s first-anniversary celebration held at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

According to Elizabeth Mwerinde Kasedde, Executive Director of Equity Bank, the bank has been dedicated to offering integrated financial services that empower consumers, businesses, and communities.

“We target the unbanked, financially excluded populations such as women, youth, and refugees, and have covered up to 67% of rural and 32% of urban areas,” she said.

Equity Bank recognized and awarded for outstanding work in financial literacy for helping Uganda Financial Litearcy Association leverage financial literacy for Uganda’s socio-economic development

The bank has trained over 126,000 youth, women, and refugees in financial literacy and entrepreneurship education, resulting in increased access to affordable unsecured credit and job creation. “We have disbursed up to UGX 89 billion in the last three years, created 99,000 jobs, and expanded 6,420 micro-enterprises,” Mwerinde noted.

The recognition reaffirms the bank’s commitment to ensuring financial independence and security for all. “We believe that empowering individuals with financial knowledge is essential for fostering economic growth and improving livelihoods,” Mwerinde said.

Equity’s Phillip Kiryowa wins outstanding achievement in promoting and coordinating financial literacy

Phillip Kiryowa, Equity’s Financial Literacy trainer, was also honored with the Financial Literacy Trainer Award. The event brought together key players in the financial sector, including the Bank of Uganda, the Ministry of Finance, and members of UFLA.

The theme of the event, “Leveraging Financial Literacy for Uganda’s Social Economic Development,” aligns with Equity’s vision and mission to champion the socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa.

This recognition highlights Equity Bank’s commitment to promoting financial inclusion and education in Uganda, and its innovative approach to empowering individuals and communities.

Source: PML Daily

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